Airlines Servicing Antalya – A Brief Guide

Antalya airport has over 100 airlines that service the airport throughout the year on a regular day to day basis, making it one of the busiest airports in Europe. Some of these airlines offer scheduled flights to Antalya, whilst others only operate charter flights throughout the peak summer months. As you can imagine, due to the fact that Antalya is one of Europes busiest airports, there are many great deals on flights to Antalya airport throughout the year. With over 100 airlines now servicing the airport, passengers have a wide choice of destinations to fly to from the airport and it also makes it very easy to find a flight to Antalya airport from a huge number of countries throughout the world as well as Europe.

Due to its location and proximity to some of Turkeys finest beaches and coastline, there are also many tour operators that charter their own airlines and flights throughout the busy Summer months.

If you are wanting to find out which airlines service Antalya so that you can search for flights, then you should not have any difficulty finding an airline to suit your requirements and budget. There are a large number of airlines that service the airport and several of the ‘Low Cost’ airlines now offer flights to Antalya from many different countries. Due to the large number of airlines that now offer flights to Antalya airport, the Ground Support at the airport is very good and passengers landing at Antalya have a wide range of choice in terms of transfer to and from Antalya airport to many destinations and resorts throughout Turkey.

What Are Scheduled Flights To Antalya

Scheduled flights to Antalya are simply flights operated by the airlines, which are allocated a fixed or ‘scheduled’ departure time throughout the year. These scheduled flights will generally operate 52 weeks of the year at the same time every week. Passengers can purchase one way tickets and have more choice on the duration of their travel when flying on Scheduled flights. Many of these scheduled flights are used by business professionals who are flying in and out of Turkey on a regular basis whilst the Charter flights are generally used by holiday makers.

What Are Charter Flights To Antalya

Charter flights to Antalya are flights that are provided by a tour operator and only operate for a set period of time such as through the summer months. Charter flights are usually introduced to provide package deals to tourists and these flights are normally for 7 or 14 night durations. Holiday makers make up the largest proportion of these flights and if there are seats available nearer the departure dates, the seats are generally released for one way or two way tickets for independent travellers.

The airlines that offer Charter flights are usually the major holiday tour companies that are chartered to transport tourists to and from Turkey. Antalya airport handles around 40% of the total holiday traffic that visits Turkey each year, so as you can imagine, the airport does become busy during these months.

Who Flies To Antalya

Airlines Servicing Antalya AirportAlthough there are over 100 airlines that now service Antalya airport, several of the larger more well known airlines provide more frequent flights to Antalya than the others.

List Of Airlines Servicing Antalya Airport

For a full list of airlines servicing Antaly airport and which destinations they fly to, please click on the link: List of airlines servicing Antalya airport

The list below are some of the more populart airlines servicing Antalya airport and ones that offer regular flights to the airport throughout the year. Some of the airlines only offer Charter flights to Antalya airport during the busy Summer season:

Air Berlin

British Midland Airways
Corendon Airlines
Pegasus Airlines
Sky Airlines
Thomas Cook
Thomson Airways
Turkish Airlines

Holiday Companies That Have Airlines Servicing Antalya Airport From The UK

Thomas Cook and Thomson holidays both offer flights to Antalya airport from a number of airports throughout the UK. These holidays companies both service Antalya airport throughout the busy holiday season and offer a wide range of Charter flights to and from the UK. These Charter flights are general part of package holidays and although they do fly into Antalya airport, the actual resorts that they offer in the package deals could actually be quite a transfer away from the airport. If you are looking at booking a package holiday with one of the holiday airlines servicing Antalya, it is advisable to check which resort you will be staying in and how long the transfer is!

Airlines Servicing Antalya With Flights Direct From The Uk

There are several airlines that now offer flights to Antalya airport direct from the UK. British Midland Airways, Easyjet, Monarch, Thomas Cook and Thomson all provide flights to Antalya direct from a number of airports across the UK. Depending on what time of year it is, there can often be some really good deals on flights from the UK to Antalya with these airlines.

These airlines offer passengers flights to and from Antalya airport to a wide range of destination worldwide and all help carry the large amounts of passenger traffic that passes through the airport each year.

There are several different types of aircraft in operation at the airport and these range from large commercial passenger planes to smaller private jets used by businessmen and women.

The majority of passengers during the summer months are tourists that fly into Antalya to reach some of the popular resorts along the coast that are accessible from the airport. Golfing has seen a large growth due to the many golf courses that are now located along the coast near Antalya in Belek and if you are wanting to visit Belek for a Golfing holiday, you will have a good choice of airlines to choose from throughout the year.

As well as carrying passengers, there are also many airlines servicing Antalya airport that carry a variety of different other cargo such as mail, parcels and goods.