Antalya Airport Transfers Turkey

Unless you are being collected from the airport by a family member or friend or have booked travel with transfer included, you will need to arrange your own airport transfer to and from Antalya Airport. If this is the case and you are looking at booking an airport transfer Antalya, this page will hopefully provide a little information as to what transport options are available to you at the airport. Generally, it is much cheaper to pre-booked your transfer in advance (where possible) than it is just turning up at the airport and paying for it on the day. This is certainly the case if you are wanting to rent a car from Antalya Airport.

Antalya airport is a very popular airport with tourists, especially in the summer. The beautiful shoreline of Southern Turkey attracts huge amounts of tourists each month throughout the year. Due to this large number of tourists descending on Antalya each year, the airport has a very good and efficient Ground Support network in place to accommodate passengers arriving at and departing from the airport. As a result, transfers to and from the airport are easy and there are a number of options available to passengers arriving at Antalya.

Obviously, which form of transport you choose for your transfer to and from Antalya airport, depends on your own preference and budget.  Each form of transfer varies in price and it is always advisable to do a little research to discover which is the best for you.

You have many options of transfer to and from the airport and these include public transfers such as bus and train to private taxis and shuttle services.  Obviously, public transport is the cheapest option and is a popular choice with many passengers who are travelling on a limited budget or travelling alone. However, public transport does have its disadvantages such as being limited schedules and not dropping you off at your accommodation.

The private shuttle services are more expensive as you can imagine but they will collect you from the airport and drop you off at your accommodation.  On your return journey to the airport, the private hire services will collect you from your accommodation and then transfer you to the airport.

Antalya Airport Transfer Options

Private Hire & Shuttle Services

The private transfer services that operate from Antalya Airport are more expensive than the public transport but do eliminate waiting around for other passengers and having to struggle with your luggage through the crowds! If you are wanting to get to your accommodation quickly then the shuttles services from Antalya can be a very good choice of transfer. If you are travelling with children and lots of additional luggage, then you may find the shuttle services a much more suitable form of transfer. Several companies offer shuttle services to and from Antalya, so you can generally find very competitive rates for your transfer.

Public Transport From Antalya Airport

Public transport is available from the airport and passengers can reach many selected destination near the airport using the services on offer.  Public transport is the cheapest option of transfer to and from the airport but usually takes longer and can become busy, especially at peak times and during the summer months.

There is a regular bus service that departs from the airport every 30 minutes throughout the day and connects passengers from Antalya Airport to the city of Antalya itself. The bus service is number 600 and runs from the airport to the main bus terminal in Antalya which is known as the ‘Otogar’. The bus terminal is Antalya is located 4klms (2.5 miles) from the city centre and there is a tram service that connects you to the city from the bus terminal.

From the main bus terminal in Antalya, you can also catch buses to many of the other popular resorts on the coast such as Alanya, Aspendos, Manavgat and Side.

Car Rental Antalya

Car hire is a very popular choice for tourists arriving at Antalya airport.  It provides a very easy form of transfer and can be a cheap alternative if there are several people traveling in your group where the cost can be shared.  Hiring a car from Antalya Airport has many advantages as it allows you plan your own time schedule, allows you to see much more of Turkey than you would relying on public transport, provides you with transfer to and from the airport and also means you have transport for the duration of your holiday. There are several car hire companies that have desks inside Antalya Airport and they all have good deals throughout the year. The best way to ensure you receive the best deals is to book early! For more information about renting a car from Antalya airport and to find the best current deals, please click on the link: Car Rental Antalya


Taxis operate from outside the airport Arrivals area and passengers can simply make their way outside and join the taxi queue. All official taxi drivers have an identification card and it is advisable to check how much the fare will be before getting in the taxi. Taxis offer a very quick form of transfers to and from the airport and the price of the taxi fare is determined by the distance travelled. To read more about taxis from Antaly Airport, please click on the following link: Taxis Antalya Airport

Holidays To Antalya With Transfer

If you have booked your holiday through a holiday company, you will probably have your transfer including.  You will be greeted by your representative at the airport arrivals area and will then be directed to your coach. If you are unsure as to where your representative will greet you, it is recommended that you connect the travel company who you booked your travel. Most travel tour operators have desks inside the airport and if you arrive at the airport and are still unsure, simply make your way to the appropriate desk and a member of staff will help you locate your representative.