Antalya Weather And Year Round Climate

Due to it’s location, Antalya weather is hot during the summer months and offers mild weather throughout the winter months.  Situated on a cliff, Antalya over looks the sea and is protected from the winds by the mountains that surround it.

The region to which Antalya is situated, enjoys around 300 days of unspoilt sunshine per year.  There are few days of rain in the Antalya region but that is not that it does not experience it.  As you can imagine, rain generally occurs during the winter months from October to April.

Due to it’s warm climate, golden beaches and dramatic surroundings, Antalya is a very popular destination for tourists.

Antalya Weather In Summer

Summer in Antalya, usually runs from April through to October.  July and August are generally the hottest months of the year and can reach very hot temperatures of 40ºC. The humidity can often make the days seem much hotter, although the breeze generated by the sea is a welcome luxury.  Nights during the summer months are very warm and cool clothing is recommended.  The warm nightly temperatures make it the perfect climate for sitting out with a nice cold drink and simply watching the time go by.

The sea temperature during the summer months reaches a very warm 28ºC, which means it is very easy to spend hours on the golden beaches that Antalya offers.

Antalya Weather In The Winter

Although Antalya enjoys a mild climate all year round, the temperature during the winter months does drop. The average daytime temperature through the winter months is usually aroun 12ºC but can drop to 6ºC during the night. As mentioned earlier, Antalya does experience rain but the rainy period only normally lasts a few weeks.  The coldest months are usually December through til March and although these months can have rain, it is usually mixed with days of blue skies.

The sea temperature throughout the winter months does not normally drop below 15ºC.

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