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With millions of passenger departing from Antalya each year, it is often listed as one of the worlds busiest airports.  Throughout the summer months, the airport is very busy with tourist from around the world seeking relaxing days on the sun drenched beaches that the surrounding resorts have to offer.

The airport has a large number of flight departures each day both International and domestic, all of which depart from all 3 of the airport terminals.

As previously mentioned above, Antalya airport does get busy throughout the summer months and as you can imagine, with more passengers using the airport, delays do occur.  It is always a good idea to check your departure time before you travel or , to see if there are any delays.

Antalya Airport Departures Check-in Procedures

As with most airports, check-in procedures at Antalya airport are fairly straight forward.  As you enter the departure area, you will see the check-in desks.  Above each check-in desk will be displayed flight information to which flight that desk is ‘checking-in’.  Simply proceed to the relevant desk and present your passport (Visa if applicable) and tickets. The check-in staff at the airport will then check you in and issue you with the relevant boarding pass for your travel.  It is always recommended to arrive at Antalya airport departures at least 2 hours prior to your departure time, especially during summer months when the airport is at it’s busiest.

Remember: Each airline has a luggage allowance and if you are checking-in hold luggage, you will need to make sure you do not exceed the allowance. If you exceed your limit, you will probably be charged for the excess and these charges are not cheap. Passengers always seem to be a little heavier with their luggage on the return journey because they by gifts and other items during their stay. It is always a good idea to check you are not exceeding the weight limit by weighing your luggage before you arrive at the airport. Using a pair of the Travel Luggage Weighing Scales is a great way for you to ensure you keep with your weight allownce.


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