Lost And Found Property At Antalya Airport

Sadly, when travelling, people do loose items. It is very easy to misplace an item or simply forget it while you are the airport, especially if you are in a rush.

Many lost items do get handed in at airports and if you think you may have lost or left an item at the airport, it it worth getting in touch with the airports ‘Lost and Found’ department.

The Lost and Found department at Antalya airport is run by ‘ICF Airports’ and they have a policy for any items that have been found or handed in to the ‘Lost and Found’ offices.

International Terminal: Any items that have been found in the International terminal, will be held for 3 months and passengers can reclaim their lost items within this 3 month period.

Domestic Terminal: Items that are found in the Domestic terminal are held in the Lost and Found department for 6 months and once again, passengers can reclaim their items within this 6 month period.

Lost And Found Number For Antalya Airport

The airport’s Lost and Found office is run by ICF airports and is open from 08.30am to 18.00pm in both terminal 1 and terminal 2.

The Telephone number for the ICF airports Office is: 0090 (242) 444 7 423

Email address for ICF: kayip.esya@icfairports.com

These offices will normally only hold items that have been found in the airport itself and not items that have been left on the aircraft.

If you think you may have left a belonging or item of luggage on the aircraft, it is advisable to contact the airline to which you were flying with and see if it has been handed in to their own ‘Lost and Found’ department.

This also applies to any items which may have been lost during transfer to and from the airport. If you believe you may have left an item on the train, bus, coach or in the taxi, you will need to contact the appropriate transport company to which you travelled with.

If you believe you have left an item in the car that you had rented from Antalya airport, you will need to contact the car hire company that you rented the car from.

Please note: As you can appreciate, unfortunately not all item that are lost get handed in. However, many do and it is always worth contacting the ‘Lost and Found’ departments at the airport or the transport company to whom you have travelled with, to see if your item has been found.

It is always best to contact the department sooner rather than later, as you will stand more chance of reclaiming your lost goods.

If you do contact the Lost and Found departments, you will probably be required to provide a detailed description of the lost item, along with the date it was lost and any identifiable features or serial numbers or security codes.

Tip: It is always a good idea to take a photo before you travel of any valuable item you will be taking with you. Then, if you do lose any of your items, you have a photo available for identification purposes and also if you need to claim on your insurance.