Antalya Airport Lounge Turkey

There are two airport terminal Lounges at Antalya Airport in Turkey and they are both called the ‘ICF Lounge’. One of the lounges is located which in Terminal 1 and the other is located in Terminal 2. Both the lounges offer travellers every one of the amenities you would anticipate from an Airport Lounge. In the event that you are travelling on a ticket such as Business or First Class, you will be eligible for entry when presenting your Boarding Pass. However, if you hold certain cards or are an individual who is a member of one of the Airport Lounge plans, you will naturally qualify to use the Lounges provided that you have a legitimate ticket. You should have a ticket to utilize the ICF Lounge at Antalya Airport and on the off chance that you are not flying on a ticket that permits you passage to the Airport Lounges at Antalya Airport, you will be required to buy a day pass before you are permitted entry. On the off chance that you wish to utilize the Lounge yet don’t have a legitimate ticket, one of the most straightforward approaches to access the airport Lounge at Antalya is to just buy your entrance ticket through one of the Airport Lounge Programs such a Priority Pass or Holiday Extras:

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Why Use TheĀ  Antalya Airport Lounge

Airport terminals are not the best places to sit around and are absolutely not the comfiest. At whatever point you are flying, you will inevitably have several hours to save and what better approach to spend your last couple of hours in Turkey than in one of the ICF Lounges at Antalya Airport. Airport terminals can be hot swarmed places and finding an extra seat amongst the masses can be troublesome.

The food you buy at the airports cost money and so do the beverages and once you have purchased something to eat and had a beverage, it can be a costly ordeal. The truth of the matter is that numerous individuals don’t understand that for the same cost of what it costs them to purchase something to eat and buy a beverage at the air terminal, they could have paid to utilize the Airport Lounge and eaten and drunk as much food as they like.

The ICFAirport Lounge at Antalya Airport offers travellers the ideal spot to unwind, loosen up and guarantee they board their flight in a revived way. Concealed from the Hustle and Bustle of the primary air terminal the ICF Lounge is a safe space that can be enjoyed by all the family. As well as offering space for business professionals, the lounges at the airport in Antalya provide entertainment and food for youngsters as well.