Buses From Antalya Airport Turkey


A regular bus service operates from the airport that services the local towns and the nearest resorts. The bus runs every 20 minutes throughout the summer months from 6am – 01.00am to Anatlya and it is scheduled to coincide with flights landing at the airport.  The public buses that run from the airport do not drop passengers off at their hotels, if you require bus transfers to your hotel, you would need to book one of the airport shuttle services.

Havas, is the main coach/bus operator in Turkey and provides services to and from the airport to the many popular destinations and resorts. It also provides the bus service that operates from the airport and connects passengers to Antalya’s main bus terminal Otogar. The cost is approximately 1oTL (at the time of writing) but it is always wise to check in advance.

Other than the local bus service to Antalya, you would need to get a taxi, private shuttle or hire a car from Antalya airport.  These services will obviously cost you more but if there are a group of you traveling and you can share the cost, it doesn’t work out to bad.

If you have booked your holiday through a travel company, you will probably have your airport transfer included.  If you do have a transfer included, you will be greeted at the airport by your tour representative at the arrivals exit area who will then direct you to your coach..

Atlasjet (A Turkish low cost airline), also offers a free shuttle service to it’s passengers to and from the airport.

Although buses from Antalya airport are fairly limited, once you are in the city centre of Antalya, you will find a pretty comprehensive bus network.  Buses are cheap and run on a regular basis throughout the city.

There is also a tram services that operates through certain parts of the city and stops at many of the local attractions.

There are many other services that connect passengers with other destination in Turkey prices and times do vary depending on your chosen destination. Hpefully this will have helped provide a little insight to buses from Antalya airport.