Duty Free Allowance At Antalya Airport

One of the advantages of air travel is the opportunity to purchase ‘Duty Free’ and passengers travelling to and from Antalya airport, have a wide choice of shops selling a variety of Duty Free goods.

One of the best ways to pass time whilst waiting for your flight is to browse round the many Duty Free shops to see what bargains you can pick up before you depart.

The Duty Free shops are also a good way to purchase those last minute items you may have forgotten, such as those little presents for family and friends.

Throughout the departures area, you will find many different shops and even alongside the departure gates, there are several Duty Free shops for that very last minute purchase.

No matter what you are looking for, you will no doubt find it in one of the shops at the airport. The list below is a brief overview of the various Duty free shops located at Antalya airport. The following shops can be found in both terminals 1 and 2 and are located airside after clearing security.

There is also a Duty Free shops located in the arrivals area of the airport that passengers can purchase goods from.

Arrival Shops: Offering a selection of Confectionery goods such as sweets and chocolate, Cosmetic products, Perfumes, Liquor  and Tobacco

Atelier: Duty Free Express: Offers passengers a selection of Cosmetic products, Perfumes, Liquor  and Tobacco

Duty Free Store: A range of Chocolates, Cosmetic products, perfumes, Liquor and Tobacco

Master Of Time: Sells jewellery and watches

Style Studio: A mixture of fashion items ranging from handbags to jewellery

Sun Catcher: This shop sell a range of sunglasses

Temptation: Passengers have a choice of fine jewellery, bags and watches

Toys And Sweets: As the name suggests, this shops offers toys and sweets

Turkish ID: Sells mostly Turkish souveniers

Remember: There are strict allowances in place regarding Duty Free goods and it is always a good idea to be familiar with the allowance for the country your are visiting and the country to which you are flying back to. Allowances do vary depending on country, so it is advisable to keep within the allowance to avoid having to pay the Duty on your goods or even having your goods confiscated.

As with most countries, passengers wishing to purchase Duty Free items must be 18 years old (unless stated).

Duty Free Allowance From Turkey

Please Note: the following information was correct at the time of writing and allowances do change. It is therefore advisable to check the current allowance before you travel.

200 cigarettes per passenger

10 cigars per passenger

200 gms of tobacco per passenger


200 gms of pipe tobacco per person

200 gms of chewing tobacco per person

Two 70 cl bottles of wine or spirits per person

One 1 litre bottle of wine or spirits per person

Personal gifts cannot be more than € 300

Passengers can buy 5 bottles of perfume but these cannot be more than 120 ml each.

Passengers can also take through other items such as Coofee and coffee beans 1kg, Chocolate 1kg and Tea 500g

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