Manavgat Waterfall Antalya Turkey

One of the most famous and well known water falls in Turkey is the Manavgat Waterfall. The waterfall itself is situated just 4-5 klms North from the town of Manavgat. The waterfall is not particularly high and is only 2 metres (6ft) in height and spans a distance of approximately 40 metres (120ft) in a crescent horseshoe shape formation. Although it is called the ‘Manavgat Waterfalls’, the waterfall itself is nothing spectacular but the natural beauty of the place is the attraction for many.

Originating from the Toros mountains and passing through the Oymapinar dam, the Manavgat stream makes it’s way down to the sea.

Manavgat Waterfall Although the Manavgat Waterfall is not that high, the current in the river is very powerful especially near the rocks beneath the waterfall where the water rushes and cascades over them and produces a beautiful white foam effect.

Things To Do At The Manavgat Waterfall

The Manavgat Waterfalls is simply a place to visit for a little relaxation, strolling on the river, taking a boat trip or just soaking up the sun.  There is nothing much to in
terms of thrill seeking but for a couple of hours, it is a lovely way to see a little more of Turkey and some of the natural beauty nature spots it has to offer.

In season, the river has an abundance of trout and provides a perfect location for relaxation.  The natural beauty of the Manavgat Waterfalls offers a fantastic place to spend a couple of hours enjoying the scenery and stopping for a picnic or having something to eat in the restaurant or café at the waterfalls.

There is also a tea garden at the waterfalls which is shaded and this can be a very welcome place to visit during the hot summer months to take a short rest and cool down from the baking heat.  This said, the waterfalls can get very busy throughout the summer months and the view point near the waterfalls can become crowded. Taking a short stroll upstream will ensure you escape the masses and enjoy the peace and quiet of the waterfall.

There are also a few little market stalls selling crafts but they tend to be a little over priced due to the tourism.

Getting To Manavgat Waterfall – Directions To Manavgat Waterfall

Getting to and from the Manavgat Waterfalls is relatively simple.  Although there are organised trips that run to the waterfalls, many people choose to make the trip independently. This option is much cheaper and popular because you can please yourself how long you stay at the watrerfalls.

The best way to get to the Manavgat Waterfall, is to take one of the local buses into Manavgat itself and the catch one of the Dolmus buses from Manavgat which usually run every 15 minutes and are very cheap. Manavgat is a market town and can get fairly busy on market day, so if you are planning a trip to the Manavgat Waterfall, it is worth takling this into consideration!